The Booth Research Group finds personnel with the right stuff.

The Booth Research Group designs and provides customized, innovative, and valid measurement tools to assist you in selecting and evaluating all levels of personnel. We are quite proud of our team. First of all, every one of our team members holds a Master's and/or Doctorate degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Unlike other consulting firms who hand you off to "account executives" or other people who are inadequately trained and educated, all of our personnel have completed extensive graduate work in the field of I/O Psychology, and have had many years of experience with our firm.

Dr. Walter S. Booth

Dr. Booth is the president of the Booth Research Group, a management consulting firm located in the greater Denver metropolitan area. Dr. Booth holds a B.S. Degree in Psychology from SMU in Dallas, and a masters and doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from TCU in Fort Worth. He began his professional career at the Institute of Behavioral Research where he developed entry-level tests for a variety of positions such as airline pilot, fire fighter, engineer, and others. The test batteries he developed for airline pilot selection became the industry standard. Dr. Booth has consulted for American Airlines, Trans World Airlines, Eastern Airlines, Texas International, and many of America's bankrupt air carriers! He has also worked for numerous progressive, private sector organizations such as Federal Express, U S West, Honeywell, Gates Rubber, General Dynamics, Cabela's and others. The majority of his clients are public sector entities such as Police and Fire Departments which are seeking to incorporate current organizational concerns into valid, non-biased, and realistic recruitment, testing, and performance evaluation methods.

Dr. Booth is a frequent lecturer on topics related to selection, testing, and performance appraisal matters. Dr. Booth has published extensively in professional journals including articles in Fire Chief, Police Chief, Law and Order, Public Personnel Management, and others. Dr. Booth describes himself as a professional psychologist, semi-professional author, and completely unprofessional humorist.

Judith Christ, M.A.

Judith Christ received her Masters of Arts degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver in December of 1991. Following receipt of her Bachelor of Arts degree from Saint Lawrence University, Ms. Christ became a teacher where she earned various honors including "Teacher of the Year" in the state of Connecticut for three consecutive years. She has also provided clinical psychological counseling at Fort Logan Mental Health Center from 1981 to 1987.

Ms. Christ was a graduate student intern with the BOOTH RESEARCH GROUP, and is now a Senior Research Consultant. She has been with the firm since the spring of 1991. She has utilized her education and experience in teaching to specialize in assessor training and development for the firm. In addition to assessor training, Ms. Eavenson has participated in both written test and assessment center development and administrations. Ms. Eavenson's particular area of focus is assessment center administration where she ensures that candidates are treated with respect, assessors have a positive experience, and the entire process is valid, unbiased, and defensible.

Michelle Chancey, M.A.

Ms. Michelle Chancey joined the Booth Research Group in 2000 while completing her Masters in Arts degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of Colorado at Denver which she earned in 2001.  She has previously earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1995 from the University of Vermont.  Michelle is a strong asset to the firm and specializes in the development of written examinations for all positions of fire and police departments.  Michelle also assists candidates in test preparation. 

In addition to these responsibilities, Michelle is also involved with the administration of assessment centers, data analysis and scoring, as well as with the development and administration of job analyses.  Michelle is currently in the process of earning her doctorate degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. 

Kelly S. McIntyre, Ph.D.

Dr. McIntyre, has been with the Booth Research Group since the beginning of 2008.  Dr. McIntyre completed a doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Colorado State University in 2005, one of the foremost research centers on Assessment Centers.  Dr. McIntyre's expertise is in the areas of psychological measurement, test validation, and personnel selection.  Dr. McIntyre has worked both as an independent consultant (owning a small consulting firm for 6 years) and in testing and validation with DecotiisErhard (now CorVirtus) management consulting firm. 

Dr. McIntyre has experience with both public and private industry clients, focused on validating, implementing, and analyzing selection porcedures, as well as assessing customer service behavior, creating surveys, and guiding strategic planning initiatives.  Dr. McIntyre also spent 4 years as an adjunct faculty member of the Institute of Business and Medical Careers.  Dr. McIntyre is involved in the development and administration of written examinations, development and administration of assessment centers, conducting candidate orientations and assessor training, data analysis, and development and administration of job analyses..